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Ditch Plastic Bottles... Say Hello to Art2O Re-Usable Bottles with Stunning Art

By eliminating the use of plastic water bottles and replacing them with eco-friendly bottles, we're not only eliminating billions of plastic bottles, but we're helping our magnificent, yet vulnerable oceans – and its creatures  which are currently swimming in tons of plastic pollution.

Be part of our Art2O Movement  as in H2O – an ultra-committed community of emerging artists and sustainability lovers who are aiming to inspire millions of citizens, like You and I, to take care of our fragile, and only home: Mother EARTH.

What: #TheArt2oProject "Massive Social Media Posting Campaign"

Why: Because Plan B doesn’t exist  -- Mother Earth is our ONLY home and the solution stands in our hands.

Who: Art-loving, socially engaged and environmentally conscious citizens in three main cities: New York, Miami, Bogotá (Colombia), as well as dozens of sister cities supporting our cause across the globe.

When: Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 11am to 2pm ...and onwards after that!

How: You can join and support our cause in three ways:

1) Subscribe to our newsletter [link below];

2) Be sure to stop consuming bottled water and replacing it NOW with sustainable bottles (you can purchase reusable Art2o bottles here ...while you help support emerging artists as well);

3) Don't miss out on our Massive Social Media Posting Campaign:

    1. On Saturday, Oct. 19th at 11am tune-in to our Instagram and Facebook
    2. Select the photos that you love the most (we'll unveil the photos on this day)
    3. Post and re-post, writing your personal message about sustainability - Be sure to use the hashtag #TheArt2oProject so we can share your posts
    4. Tag your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to join!
All members of our community -- and the celebrities featured in our upcoming photos -- will be re-posting their photos, along with their individual messages, simultaneously on Oct. 19th... New York City, Miami, Bogotá (Colombia), as well as Spain, Washington DC, and Boston -- we'll all gather at the same time to send positive energy to the planet through the Great Power of love and passion for our cause.
Join us and send your good intentions for our planet out to the Universe!