“My mission was to give emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their talent. Then we embraced the challenge of becoming a 100% sustainable brand... we kissed plastic bottles goodbye!

stainless steel water bottle, art by Art2o

Claudia Lopez, Founder and CEO, is the creative force behind Art2o and Art Lovers Hub. Her first goal as the creator of the brand was to create awareness of Art... then that original idea transformed into our mission!

I wanted to make an impact in the world. We didn’t just want to reduce the waste that our packaging had on the planet. If we were really going to embrace this mission, we were going to do it thoroughly and completely, and we became a “Zero Plastic” brand totally committed to taking care of our planet and helping  clean our oceans. Sustainability is the most important aspect for us as a brand.

Our team held a ceremony at our New York shop and cafe, where we eliminated every plastic items we could: From eating utensils to plastic cups and non-recycled paper. We placed them on recyclable bag and made a promise...From that moment on we became activists to take care of our planet.

stainless steel water bottle, art by CHRISTOPHER FERREIRAS

That became Art2o's mission... With the help of our amazing artists and creatives, we embarked on this journey that engages a huge community of concerned citizens who believe in our cause, and are supporting us with all their hearts. That means everything to us. We want to encourage other businesses to do the same thing. Do what’s best for the planet. Do the right thing, even if it means sharing part of your profit. You WILL gain back in so many ways. We must  become responsible enterprises, accountable for our impact on the planet that belongs to future generations, including our children. We invite you to start today!

We realize the power of ART to inspire people and communities. We hope that working hand-in-hand with our artists, diving deep into our founder's creative process, she will keep on working hard and doing what she does best: Inspire people with creative ideas that will ensure the transformation that we're deeply  committed to achieving! Meet our eco-friendly bottles.