stainless steel water bottle, art by Art2o


Art2o is a simple, effortless solution to decrease ​Earth’s plastic pollution! 

The Art2o Project is on a mission to offer the most innovative alternative in eco-friendly products.
Our initiative is at the forefront of the growing movement to eliminate plastic bottles that are destroying our oceans and the Earth.
Art2o has created stainless-steel, reusable bottles that produce  ZERO waste.
What makes us different is that our bottles are vessels to showcase art while also delivering a very important message to our community.
Our goal is to educate consumers on the important role that they play in helping to care for our planet.
Our fans instantly become activists and join a community working towards creating awareness on practical sustainability practices.
stainless steel water bottle, art by Caty Wooley

At the heart of this project is our love for the Earth & the Arts!

The Art2o Project fosters a rapidly growing community of emerging artists, who partner with us to design mobile canvases!

We provide artists with an invaluable platform!

Our strategic partnership with artists, allow them to use their voice and talent to create awareness of the environment.

We believe in using the power of art to inspire and engage people to become active in improving their communities.

stainless steel water bottle, art by Art2o

We are innovators in the Eco-conscious industry: we are launching the first Art2o Refill Station in the US.

Coming soon to our brand new space in Miami, Florida!

We will offer flat, sparkling, and fruit-flavored water options.

As innovators in the Eco-conscious industry, we are launching the first Art2o Refill Station, in the US  which will offer flat, sparkling, and fruit-flavored water options.

Customers who purchase our stainless-steel bottles will be able to refill them for less than they would spend when buying disposable water bottles. The first Refill Station will be housed in our soon to launch brick-and-mortar store:  The Art Lovers Hub, located in beautiful Miami!

stainless steel water bottle, art by Art2o

By promoting The Art2o Refill Stations, we aim to educate the community about reducing waste, while promoting the use of re-usable bottles.

The element that ties our story together is our passion for educating and giving back to the community.

A percentage of our sales will be used towards facilitating educational workshops at The Art Lovers Hub.

Education is one of the most powerful tools in our mission to take care of our planet.

By hosting workshops for both adults and children, we aim to equip the present and future generations with the knowledge and tools they need to take better care of our environment.